Assault on Average...

an authentic venture.

The father of 6, and accomplished hockey coach, who led his 2014 Lakeville North hockey team to the first undefeated season in over 30 years while compiling the greatest single season record of 31-0 in the 76 year history of high school hockey in the state of Minnesota, has awarded himself an Oscar nomination for his role as a successful, happy, human being! 


Reality came to him in the form of an unhealthy, overweight, broke, miserable, depressed and fearful man. This sobering discovery sent a man at the end of his rope on a diabolical search for authenticity. 


With nothing left to lose he began a journey bathed in truth by setting a borderline insane goal of completing 1 million push-ups over a four year period a mere 687 push-ups per day. 


He describes his self-assessment as akin to be dipped in battery acid. After all the truth hurts but it also sets you free. 


Over a decade later he shares his story of mental and physical transformation and his continued pursuit of a truly authentic existence. 


His is a story of low self-esteem, fear, anxiety, uncommon sense and growth. 

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